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Bruce Mitchell Audio Show

Episode · 1 year ago

Mitchell Mailbag: Where would Brian Pillman have ended up, Interviewing Vince Russo, Roman Reigns has a top guy, More


The Bruce Mitchell Mailbag is back! And for the first time ever it is open to public for FREE. Joined by President of, Ruben Jay!

For the first time ever, Bruce Mitchell’s Mailbag is 100% free! Email Bruce your questions at

On this week’s mailbag, Mitchell talked about:

  • Could Brian Pillman have been a top guy/world champion?
  • How long do you keep a top guy on top? If they haven’t grown their audience?
  •  Roman reigns?
  •  WWE and AEW making money via TV right not tickets
  •  Peacock
  • Next top guy
  • AEW Factions
  • Vince Russo Interview
  • Retrospective shows

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The Bruce Mitchell Audio Show is a production. Bruce will also be writing columns for the website from time to time as well. Executive Producer, Ruben Jay, can be found @TheRubenJay on all Platforms.

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